Shipping worldwide from Portland, UK

Shipping worldwide from Portland, UK


The States of Plates

Part of the joy of printing is that it can offer a more affordable form of art for collectors. Unfortunately, the language of print making, (‘editions’ proofs’ and ‘states’ etc) can sometimes be off-putting. This is a barrier to those people who may wish to dabble their feet in the art market and are unsure …

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Reframing History

Choosing frames for pictures is a difficult thing. Sometimes an unusual frame and picture combination creates a great ‘object’ where each plays well against the other. Other times, a frame needs to support the image. It is lots of fun trying out pictures and frames together. When you finally see a good pairing, it tends …

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Peter Lanyon Christmas Card c.1960

Greetings from Cornwall

Greetings! To Karl Weschke from Sheila and Peter Lanyon, and Roger and Rose Hilton. These two little Christmas cards were sent to Karl Weschke and his then partner, Jan, from Roger and Rose Hilton, and Sheila and Peter Lanyon. Informal exchanges between artists show a moment of working practice – a gesture in a moment …

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