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Art on Paper

Katy Mugford explains the motivations behind Art on paper. 

Geometric Triangles

What do these pictures have in common?

Each of the artworks for sale on this site has been chosen by me, looked at, celebrated, and looked after.

They have been assessed, cleaned and have undergone conservation treatment where necessary to protect them for the future. In some cases, light restoration has been undertaken. In such cases, the work done is identified in the image description.

I have been trained by an expert with over twenty years experience working in paper conservation, and specialising in art on paper.

Matting and mounts are done using conservation quality materials. For some pictures I have used T-bar tabs using conservation quality tape. For others, tabs of Japanese Paper have been used, attached with wheat paste to a conservation standard. Only conservation or museum quality mount board has been used.

What is special about these Pictures?

I think they are great! The dates, subjects, materials and values of these works of art are varied. There is a strong focus on 20th Century Print, especially etching and aquatint, but there are some drawings and painting too. Some are by well known artists, others are not signed. Each of them, however, has been selected because they have a visual merit and would look great on the wall of a house, flat or business, and will be enjoyed.

Anthony Gross
Space People

Why the focus on Prints?

In the Victorian Era prints and etchings were big business, making superstars out of some paintings and artists of the time. They provided a way of disseminating art, making it both affordable and accessible. Printmaking has developed into an art form of its own, from woodcuts as illustrations in The Graphic Magazine, to Andy Warhol images of consumption, to digital art forms such as Hockney creating painting from his ipad. It is a constantly evolving medium.

Limited edition etchings, screenprints and lithographs are autonomous works of art, not ‘copies’ of other works. They tend, however, to be more affordable to collectors who may not wish or be able to, become a ‘player’ in the art market. There are also some watercolours, pen and inks, and pencil drawings that I could not ignore!

Everything that I put for sale on this site are works of art that I consider interesting and of good quality. I hope therefore, that the selection on offer covers a range of tastes and styles, at a price point that makes it affordable for people to own and enjoy.

I have studied the history of art, art theory, paintings, the art market and the history of collecting – but when it comes down to it, none of this really matters. I think an appreciation of Art should be about how it makes you feel, what it makes you think, or how you connect with it.

Behind the scenes.

Conservation methods:
Dry cleaning
Aqueous washes

Restoration methods:
Stain reduction
Paper repair
Pigment restoration

Matting and framing

Suiboku Mountain Landscape
art on paper framing


Good quality framing is really important for the conservation of art on paper. Sloppy framing, and the use of non conservation quality standard materials can damage pictures. Good quality framing plays a critical role in the conservation of your art on paper.

I would much prefer to offer the complete item, restored, mounted and framed ready to hang on your wall. I use antique, vintage and second hand frames for my pictures. Each is packed, mounted and backed using conservation quality products, protecting the picture so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come. I take pride in each and every one of the pictures I offer. The frames are chosen to compliment the style of the image.

Second hand frames are fantastic. They are environmentally friendly, full of character and have a style all of their own. Unfortunately due to insurance and postage issues, I have made the decision to offer images unframed online. I hope to find premises for a physical gallery space before long, so that I can welcome you in person. Seeing a picture brings it to life in a way that digital representation rarely achieves.

Until the pictures and I have a place of our own beyond the studio space, I am happy to discuss on an individual basis framing options for any of the works – Just ask!