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How did I end up here?

I love art. In particular, I love the art of print. I am less fond of the art world and the circus that surrounds it. I have dipped in and out of the academic study of art over the past 20 or so years, and have dabbled in print-making. What these experiences made clear to me is that I was not cut out for academia or a job in the establishment art market, and my attempts at print-making would never be as fabulous as some of the art I saw in galleries, exhibitions, art books and dusty shop corners. It also clarified that I did love to study art. I really enjoyed the researching aspect of my studies – the bits where I was able to put my Sherlock outfit on, and rootle around in archives and stock books to piece together stories about collectors, collections, artists or pictures. I also love being practical, using my hands and my eyes and generally doing.

A couple of masters degrees and 20 years later serendipity stepped in and introduced me to the wonderful Charlotte Nickels of PaperBack Conservation, Bridport. Before meeting Charlotte I hadn’t even thought about the conservation aspect of art on paper, I was just flailing around the undergrowth of life trying to beat a path through it that had a clear direction. It was a bit of a ‘trumpets and fanfare’ moment when I met her – what do you MEAN there is a perfect job out there which involves both research and practical application of skills? What do you MEAN you will share some of your secret witchcraft knowledge with me? What do you MEAN when you say that this is something I could actually do?

"You are kidding me!"

I said. Or words to that effect. Probably with a lot more swearing.

Artonpaper.gallery is the culmination of these passions and chances. I search out pictures that speak to me. I clean them and conserve them, and give them some love and attention. Some of the prints, watercolours, pen and inks are for sale here. In the meantime, I learn more about their stories, and I will share some of them here – along with some information about the processes I use and the inspirations that I take. I hope that you enjoy, as I do, the pictures here and some of the snaps on my Facebook page, and hope that you will join me on my journey through art on paper.

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