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As the wonderful Charlotte Nickels of PaperBack Conservation Studio  goes on a well deserved break, we at Art on Paper are doing a studio take over.

Starting on the 7th August, I'll be popping up in Bridport with The Frink Tales; an exhibition of 19 etchings by Dame Elisabeth Frink illustrating Chaucers Canterbury Tales. We can, if all of the etchings breathe in, just about squeeze the set in for display at the bijou but perfectly formed PaperBack Studio at 2 Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3RJ.

We will be in residence for two weeks, and if during that time, enough empty spaces appear on the walls, we will be filling the gaps with work from other artists that we have in stock. Each etching will be available to purchase mounted and framed from the exhibition.

The etchings were published in 1972 as an unbound book. They are printed on J. Barcham Green wove paper by Cliff White at White Ink, London. They are published by Leslie Waddington Prints Limited from the edition of 275 + 25 Hors de Commerce (Plate Size: 502 x 343 mm - Paper Size: 650 x 460 mm). All the etchings are can be seen on our Elisabeth Frink page.

To those reading this who are not in the U.K. - The etchings will be listed on the website soon to coincide with the start of the exhibition. I'll be posting on Instagram and Twitter, live from the thriving centre of this small market town in Dorset They'll be photos from within the exhibition and hopefully some fun encounters.

One of the members of staff where I have my workspace popped in to have a look what I was working on the other day. They were rather shocked that the subject of some some of the etchings was rude "especially from something that was so old". I was delighted to be able to disrupt the sensibilities of a 20 something year old by explaining that 'back in the olden days' they loved a sex scandal and fart joke, and that it was those prudish Victorians who were to blame for frowning on our human frailties, especially annoying as it was an era of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

One of the wonders of the arts and humanities is that they still have the ability to shock - even in the most unlikely of ways. Writers in Middle English creating verse about bottoms and mid-20th century artists etching private parts and body hair. It turns out the youth of Portland have a rather Ruskinesque horror of some nice etched hairy armpits. What prudes! Still, it was nice to see someone enjoying a bit of Chaucer.

Please pop in and see for yourself, either in person or virtually. I'd love to see you. If you know any Frink fans, Chaucer fans, etching fans or fans of independent small businesses (or indeed anyone hanging about the general area), please do share this news post and point them in my direction!

The Frink Tales : 7th - 21st August 2021.

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