Shipping worldwide from Portland, UK

Shipping worldwide from Portland, UK

Thinking of Venice

Fernando Velázquez | Structure and Gesture

Fernando Velázquez is a Spanish painter living and working in north Dorset. We have a selected collection of his studies in ink on paper. These will on display from Saturday 9th November 2019, at our Portland gallery.

Fernando is an internationally collected artist. This autumn he has been represented by the Dragon Art Gallery at the START Art Fair, hosted at the Saachi Gallery in Chelsea as well as AAF Battersea, London, represented by David Lolly Gallery. His usual body of work is in oil, and monumental in scale. This collection of art on paper is intimate and delicate, sharing ideas, memories and his imaginative process.

Fernando describes this collection:

These studies are truly independent to my main practice, in terms of scale and technique. Every drawing is started with the intention of capture an idea and simplify it. As they are generally small format, there is no space to investigate a wide range of marks, making the exercise direct and almost immediate. I love Indian ink and the delicate balance between time and the effects created by applying water. It is a simple but magical process.

To me, these drawings are a different medium to convey ideas, rather than a process of discovering more abstract concepts that require time and introspection.

We are very pleased to be the only gallery offering these studies. They share an intimacy of experience that I hope we offer at our little Portland HQ.

Fernando says of our gallery:

I love the intimate setting and the quality of work on display. Katy has created a different environment to experience art, taking a very personal approach to each piece and becoming completely involved in the final presentation of each work of art, a credit to her expertise and her passion for conservation and Fine Art.

We warmly welcome Fernando as our featured artist this winter at Art on Paper – bringing a twinkle of light to the short days.

Here is all the work we have on display from Fernando and make sure you take a look at his paintings on his website. We'll be framing a few more of these little gems over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the online store and join our mailing list for monthly updates 🙂

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