one person's rubbish

One person’s rubbish …

... is another person's picture frame wrapping material.

We're conscious of how much packaging is needed to send artworks through the post or with couriers. Particularly artworks that are in frames with glass. We have always been very keen on reusing shipping materials to reduce the cost (financial and environmental) of buying new packaging materials.

If you are lucky enough to buy an artwork from us, it will arrive surrounded by cardboard printed with other companies names. Don't be confused. Naked Wines and John Lewis haven't clubbed together to buy you your artwork. They won't even know they are helping to wrap your purchase. We keep all the clean cardboard we receive at Art on Paper, for reusing to safely pack your purchases.

We have previously used bubblewrap and still do if we get any arriving with purchases we make. However, we have splashed out on some new corrugated cardboard, to use instead of bubblewrap. It also does a good job at cushioning the edges of frames etc., and is a bit smaller to store. What it lacks in 'popability', it makes up for in looks.

We have also invested in some recycled-paper packing tape to reduce the amount of plastic tape we use. Hopefully, it will mean we only use very small quantities of plastic in our packaging. We are still wrapping some mounted prints and greetings card in plastic, where there are on display in the gallery. Hopefully, we will be able to find some alternatives for the standard plastic wrap we currently have (suggestions welcome for transparent materials that are safe for wrapping around paper-based artworks).

We'll see how it goes and report back if any of these changes are a particular success (or failure).

one person's rubbish
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